Time For A Reboot!

Reboot: v. /rēˈbo͞ot/ restart or revive; give fresh impetus to

I like that – “give fresh impetus to.” That’s where I’m at…a want fresh impetus, a reviving. I recently decided it was time to do a reboot of my life in several areas.

Why? When we’re talking about technology, when is a reboot needed? When you can’t seem to get things working the way you had hoped. When you’ve tried a lot of other things that didn’t work. When you’re not getting the results you want. When things are taking too long to work. When the created is not working to the highest level the Creator intended.

So I’m shutting a few things down to hit the start-over button. Re-do. Do-over.

I have so many wonderful things and wonderful people in my life. So I basically want the areas that are not at the same level of wonderful-osity to rise up.

So here’s a sneak preview:

  • Health – it’s time!
  • Music – I’ve written some music, but always wondered if I have more inside. Afraid to try and not be the best, I guess.
  • Creature of habit – I order the same things in the same restaurants. I have the same hairstyle. I wear the same makeup.
  • God Time- especially since beginning my awesome position as Worship Pastor at Cloverdale Church of God, I spend a lot of time encouraging and ministering to others. But where has my own time with God gone? Called to more!
  • Finances and business – I’ve been loving EVERY Younique product I try, so I decided to be bolder in this area than usual and jump in with both feet to represent this really amazing company and hopefully benefit my finances simultaneously.

You may have just thought…”Oh, this is all to promote her new business.” WRONG! My choice to do Younique came after, as a result of deciding on a reboot to try something new. Just one piece for me of going a new direction, of rebooting to be bolder, stepping out in new ways, also wanting to improve my little family’s life. My life picture is going to use some new colors from my crayon box now.

How about you? Any rebooting you wanna try? Wanna be bold with me and see what new crayons you might want to try in your life picture and might by chance just love? Colors that might make your life picture more vibrant, powerful and ultimately rewarding? Let me know.

I’ll blog some ideas and progress as I go in the hopes it might encourage others.

So now, say it with me…REBOOT!